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My family and I visited the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art this summer. They had some outdoor art pieces that we took some time to look at. One particular piece was a labyrinth made from clear glass. It had a path that led you to the middle of it, similar to a maze and then you had to retrace your steps to get back out. The tricky part about it is the clear glass was hard to detect. My 6 year old son wanted to lead us first. I was nervous about this. I kept telling him to “slow down” and “make sure you are not going to run into glass”. His personality is quick to make decisions and quick to take risks. As his mom, I just wanted to protect any possible collision and I felt anxiety rising up in me. But he walked confidently through the maze and never once led himself or us into a glass wall.

As we reached the middle of the labyrinth which was the end of the maze, my 8 year old daughter decided she wanted to lead us out. I felt better at this point, because we had successfully made it through the maze and felt more confident about the outcome. At first, her leading was going well, but suddenly she ran into the glass. I know it hurt physically only a little, but it damaged her pride more. Her younger brother took us through without any collisions and she did not. My heart broke for her at this moment and wanted to come to her rescue to help heal her heart and comfort her physical pain. If only I could turn back time. If only I could have offered more guidance.

The glass labyrinth had a deep thought to ponder while walking through. How does this labyrinth compare to the uncertainties of life in this current time? What this labyrinth became for me was a metaphor of the uncertainties of my growing children. They are beginning to rely on me less and that brings me anxiety. How will I know that they will be safe? I want so much to be there to protect them and shelter them from harm. I think the many roles in life reflect each other. As I sit and ponder that moment, I know deep down that my lack of control was what brought anxiety. This same amount of control is what my flesh wants in every area of my life. While I am a mother of these children and I still need to guide them in their choices, I have to also trust. I must trust in the One that truly saves them. Jesus is their Savior and they belong to Him first. My guidance for them should focus less on making all of the perfect steps and instead focusing on how to do this life with Jesus MORE.

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