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About Me

- Jennie Bourquin, Author -

Once there was a girl who wrote stories and drew pictures. Over the years, she collected them in a little folder, sharing them with close friends. As the little girl grew, the stories did as well, some were poetry and some were words just for her and her King. Then the little girl focused on grown up things and forgot about the passion to write, until one day, she wrote again and loved it! Who said writing isn’t grown up?!


Jennie is a wife, mother of 2 and a writer of many things these days. In 2019, she published her first children’s book, Even Me. She continues to write a blog called The Last Word. You would find a large stack of books at her nightstand at all times and a podcast playing when she is picking her kids up in the carline at their elementary school. Jennie has aspirations to continue to share her writing with the world through blogs, songs, poems and stories.

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