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I am a thinker.

I have come to terms with it and I am learning to embrace it. God made me this way. I believe he likes it best when I contemplate Him the most. Especially when I include him on my journey. It feels like he is dropping jewels along the way and leading me to revelations that I feel I need to share with someone to make them real. It’s great when I can share with another friend that gets just as excited about revelations. Sometimes I write it. Just to get it out. So I can see it all from the beginning to its current place to look back at the process. In one of my thinking journeys this last summer, I asked a very simple question to God one day.

“What am I supposed to do?”

He answered my question very quickly.

He said,

“I want you to share.”

That answer brought me so. much. PEACE.

Age doesn’t defy it. Circumstances do not hinder it. (In fact they could enhance it.) The only battle that could stop me from sharing is the battle of my mind. While that battle isn’t always particularly easy, I do have power over that. Abiding in Him is a given to know when and what to share but the flow of sharing is neverending.

Sharing has exponential forms and facets. It can be an opportunity for creativity and a joy for everyone, including the one/s who receive it.

As I was going through some past pieces of writing, I found a reflection I had written about the timeframe when I wrote the children’s book, Even Me in 2019.

Reflection from 2019

“Today, I started thinking back to when the story, Even Me, was created. The idea had been in my mind for many years, but my memory returned to what I was facing at the time I wrote it. The time frame that I had the opportunity to write it, I had transitioned from being an elementary teacher to being a stay at home with my son and daughter. Both children struggled with nursing. It was very hard on me. I felt inadequate as a new mom. This was something that I was supposed to be equipped to do and it just didn’t work. On top of the fact that I had left a job to do this stay at home mom thing and I felt like I was failing. I spent many hours praying to God and journaling and reading the Bible. It felt like such a painful time. Then the story was birthed at that time. My husband gave me a day to spend on my own and it just came out; all in one day. As I look back on it now, God had prepared me for years. I was so close to him with a broken heart during that time and he was storing things in me. He stored in me bible verses of value, evidence of his faithfulness, and ways to access the joy and hope that only He can give. That day at the coffee shop, I came back to a place that I had forgotten. I entered an imaginative world with my Creator that was playful and full of wonder. I let God have free reign of what landed on my paper. I did not discourage any creativity because it wasn’t “perfect” enough in my head for the first time in a long time. After it was done, I knew I wanted to share it. I thought that it was a gift that I was meant to share with others and that motivated me to make it happen. But what I realized and still continue to realize is that it was a gift for me too. My heavenly Father was trying to reach me in an original way that he knew could help heal my heart.”

Do you have something God is prompting you to share? Do you have a song you wrote? Do you have a story, a poem, a life experience to share with a friend at a coffee shop? A piece of art? A children’s book? I encourage you to share it. You never know where it might lead.

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