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Word Collector

I love words. Not just any words though. I enjoy it when so much can be expressed in one word alone. God often speaks to me in this way as well. Maybe it is because I can often make life more complicated than it needs to be and he can breathe one word into my heart and it immediately changes my disposition to peace and quiets my soul.

When I was pregnant with my children, I asked Him to give me one word to pray over them. My daughter Olivia’s word was value and my son Abraham’s word was leader. Both of those words are something I pray over them as they grow and change. Every year, I pray for a word of the year to focus on and see how God moves in my life. When I recently resigned from my job that I had for 15 years, God gave me a word to focus on while I take this new path- connect. He knew that I can isolate myself when I am not immersed with others. I can become so independent that I isolate myself and God does not want that for me in this new journey.

This blog that I am beginning is not tales of me teaching others how to live their lives. I am not an expert and do not wish to portray myself in this way. Instead, my deepest desire is that I can connect with YOU. Being unafraid to be vulnerable on the page and let you in on these authentic life situations and share the words that God shares with me as I grow and stretch in this journey that He has me on currently. I do not know exactly where it leads but I am relying on Him more than ever before and I think that is exactly where He wants me. Each blog will lead to a new word in my life collection that I want to share with you. This blog will be called “The Last Word” as each situation and moment leads to a word put on my heart that I can share with you and perhaps you may relate to it and it will speak into your own life. Or perhaps you will enjoy reading about the evidence of the One that is faithful no matter what. I am a word collector and I am ready to share these words with you. Welcome!

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