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God often uses the process of discovery to show me new things in life. His way is gentle enough to give free will and know that we are individuals with choices. It allows for stubborn personalities like me to FEEL like I came upon these discoveries all on my own.

If I am honest, I feel like I am spending my entire life discovering each day how much God truly loves me and even still I don’t think I can fathom the depth of his love. He loves me when I make bad choices or don’t know what to choose. He loves me when I don’t make sense. He offers grace when I think it has run out and He meets me when I have reached my end. And all of that always sums up to me that he is consistent. And in this, He knew that someone like me, who had a distant and absent father figure in my life, would notice consistency most and I would discover how much he loves me in those very moments.

I am watching my son and daughter grow and I have these wells of love inside of me that feel as though they will burst open- they are so full! And yet, I know that it cannot compare to the depth of love that the Heavenly Father has for each of us. Each day when I pay attention, I can discover another reminder, another beautiful creation in our world and discover his love. And sometimes when I don’t pay attention, I discover that he is teaching me each day to do exactly just that. Pay attention and discover Him in the smallest moments, in nature and in other people.

Recently, I started teaching a Creative Writing and Art class for kids. I love it! I discovered something that happens when I am around kids. I am reminded how playful creativity can be and how easily kids can playfully jump into imaginary worlds with their writing, art and their thinking. For me, in the midst of my adulting, it is not that easy. But in preparing for each lesson, I make an example. It has given me permission to be imaginative with poetry and fiction stories. The children basically remind me what it's like to be a child. This is the kind of faith that God wants us to have- open to possibilities and trusting that God has us. Writing fiction lately has been a challenge because I was putting so much pressure on it. Every time I write, I let God be part of the process, so why shouldn’t I have faith like a child to discover what ideas we can come up with together?

I pray that God brings many discoveries in your path to know his character and experience the depth of love that he has for you. Maybe you could even discover that you can create something new with Him too.

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