Adventures & Antics

with the Bourquins

I love coffee shops. I have loved them since the moment in high school when I first tasted their sweet nectar. Over the years of my life, I have met with close friends, dreamt future plans and ideas, wrote stories, went on outings with my children, the list could go on... in my favorite local coffee shops. My husband and I had our first date at Black Dog Coffeehouse in Lenexa, Kansas. So much life has happened in these places! The places that always have the most impact, that make you want to stay and keep coming back are the local coffee shops.

 There are many reasons one returns to a great local coffee shop. Recently, I read a post from a bookstore owner that had to close their doors. It was not just to do with the pandemic that we are facing currently, they were struggling to stay open beforehand. This place was one of the most charming places I had been to. It was so wonderful and almost magical. It saddened me to see they had to close their doors. It also brought something else to mind. We can often take the artistry of the small business owner for granted. It has become even more apparent to me after experiencing this pandemic and not being able to enjoy the eclectic and artistic environments of a local coffee shop. 

As I read that post, I realized the heart behind that wonderful and charming bookstore that I adored and realized that I have something to offer to support the local coffee shops. More than just my business. My words. My experiences. My perspective. I am an elementary teacher by day but a dreamer and writer during the rest of the parts of my life and I absolutely LOVE coffee! I will freely admit and embrace this. Ha! My husband loves coffee, too. He is the kind of guy that will always order the same tried and true items at a coffee shop which makes him a perfect candidate as the constant variable in this endeavor that our family is about to embark on. He is a bit of a coffee snob and a connoisseur of a good espresso in his americanos,but he also appreciates and identifies with the small business owner and the charm of the local coffee shop.

My children have actually been brought to many coffee shops since birth and now have a great perspective on the pastry side of these magical places. Especially my daughter who actually closes her eyes when she is taking a bite of a pastry she enjoys to savor and focus on just one sense at a time, because it is so enjoyable! 

Together our family will begin the journey and take a tour of local coffee shops and offer words and photography about our experiences each week. The tour will take place in the Kansas City area and it will begin with recommendations from friends. We shall call this imperfect but entertaining journey, The Search For the Meanest Bean. I am so excited to get started, I can barely contain myself. I also had a nitro cold brew coffee that is adding to this excitement. But still! Join us!